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100% of your donation helps families living with HIV who are unable to access treatment.

While the Government of Botswana provides free HIV care and treatment to citizens, non-citizens must pay. There are thousands of immigrants and refugees in Botswana, most of whom work subsistence jobs and have little or no money. While these families are able to see doctors at a free monthly clinic, they cannot afford treatment and without Cover the Globe, they are not able to get the medication and care they need.


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In March’s Maipelo clinic we saw 45 children and adults, several of whom were pregnant ladies. We were excited to confirm that one more baby was born HIV negative because of the treatment provided by Cover the Globe.


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Blessing’s parents met after both fled Zimbabwe for Botswana in search of better opportunities. After Blessing’s mother became pregnant, she was able to get treatment from the Maipelo Trust such that Blessing was thankfully born HIV negative. Her parents work part-time jobs when they can, but still often struggle to make ends meet. Through Cover the Globe, they are able to manage their HIV without worrying about not being able to afford treatment. This treatment helps them stay healthier so they can better provide for Blessing.



William & Noah

William came to Botswana from Zimbabwe about 15 years ago, and got a part-time job repairing electronics. He then met Felicia, and the two quickly fell in love and were married. When William’s wife became pregnant, she was referred to Maipelo and was able to receive treatment so that their son Noah was born HIV negative. William and Felicia now have three children, all born HIV negative, and William and Felicia are much better able to manage their HIV with Cover the Globe’s support.



Patience & Justin

Patience came to Botswana several years ago in search of a job, because opportunities in Zimbabwe were extremely limited. She later met a man at church that she married and had two children with, including her son Justin. One day, Justin became ill, so she took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with HIV. Patience was also diagnosed with HIV, so she started going to Cover the Globe’s partner Maipelo Trust in order for her family to receive the treatment that allowed Justin to recover, and keeps Patience healthy enough to keep supporting her young family.




Erica’s mother fled from Zimbabwe in 2007 because, as she puts it, there were “no jobs left.” She started working part-time cleaning and washing, earning about $80 a month when times were good. It was in Botswana where Erica was born, and she became ill soon after birth. An HIV test revealed that Erica was positive, and her mother tested positive as well. The two of them were then referred to Cover the Globe’s partner Maipelo Children’s Trust to receive medication. Erica has become much healthier as a result of the treatment, and  is now a rambunctious toddler who loves to laugh and dance.